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Les professeurs!

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Celebrating the end of term with a wonderful lunch on the terrace.  Thank you to everyone for providing such wonderful food.  We've really enjoyed teaching English this year - and our French has improved a little too.  It's lovely to be able to give a little back in return for the hospitality we have recieved since moving to France.
Lunch in the terrace with our English class

We are lucky enough to be able to support the AVF in running their intermediate English class. The AVF are a fantastic organisation set up to welcome and support newcomers to France. We have had a wonderful year teaching some of our French friends. Neither of us has done anything like this before so it was with some trepidation that we took it on last October. We think that it is important to contribute to our local community and this has provided us with much satisfaction and no little fun each Tuesday throughout the year. We held our final class of of this term at our house. We were able to invite our friends John and Deborah, who stood in for us on several occasions when we were unable to run a class - thanks both! Our students brought food and drink and we had a very nice lunch. Roll on October, when we start again!

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