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Cite du Vin

We made our first trip to the Cite Du Vin in Bordeaux. This is a fairly recent addition to the landscape of our favourite city and one we have been planning to visit for some time. Basically, everything you need to know about the world of wine; its history, geography,variation, production and, of course, taste! Well worth a visit for adults and youngsters alike. A very modern building shaped like a swirling glass of wine contains up to date exhibitions, films and presentations, which will please beginners and enthusiasts alike. Wonderful panoramic views of the city from its eighth floor viewing gallery and, to finish, a glass of wine from its international collection. We were particularly impressed with the current, temporary, exhibition on the wines of Argentina. So well presented that it acts as an invitation to visit what is, obviously, a fabulous country.

Bordeaux just gets better and better.

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